learning new language : German



うちのすぐ上に住んでいる住人(見たことない)はいつも大きな声で笑い転げながら誰かと電話をしていて、丸聞こえなのだけど、楽しそうなのにわからずやや残念。わかるのは‘genau,genau,genau !そうそうそう’だけ..


It is hard to understand German.

I am taking part in a German intensive course at a community college to live here more comfortably. If I think something unrelated things even in a second during the class, I completely come to not find what about a teacher explains in the next moment.

I hear clearly that one of residents (I have never seen him) who lives on the floor just above ours always talks to someone over the telephone with laughing uncontrollably, so it is a little bit shame I can not understand German. 'Genau!;exactly! 'is a only word I can get..  

Step by step..!

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