All the things on a map



地図と照らし合わせながら、ここに暮らしている村人が ’海を見てたら幸せだから将来の夢なんて考えたことないよ’と言っているな、それもいいねと思ったり。

そこから図上数十センチ離れた土地は戦火で、赤ちゃんを抱いた女性が ’生きるのがつらい’と呟いている、その表情が忘れられなかったり。



I very often look at the World map and look for the places which I saw on the TV news, from books and so on.

Some people who are living in a part on the map say ' It is meaningless to worry about the future, because we are so happy just looking this beautiful sea here.' They look so peaceful.

In another place on it, some woman in the war says 'Id rather die' with holding a baby in her arms. Her face are unforgettable.

These places should be far from here but the more I get to know where they are, the more it comes to reality.

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