Spring. Summer time has started.



It was my birthday.
Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

Spring came in this town. Buds are sprouting and this is the season we can go for a walk along the Rhine pleasantly.






These days, I have a lot of things to do.

When I moved to Germany, I had no friends here, no idea how to kill time and was rejected even volunteer works because of a language barrier. I had been thinking about what I can do here.

Having a lot of free time should be happy thing but I felt like I am nothing. Even so, this half months
I met not only nice people but lots of kindness supports by them in the process of looking for a German school, libraries and jobs etc..and now, I got friends who have good laugh at cafe and neigbours who have a lunch beer. I enjoy being busy!

Time is always the great healer.

Today is my friend's birthday lunch.The wether is beautiful. Let's do cerebrate.

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