wild boar hairbrush






まさに探していたものだったから、明らかにうれしさがもれでてしまった。様子を見ていたらしいおじいさんがゆらゆら近づいて来て、’Was ist esなにそれ’と聞くので、ドイツ語で答えられない代わりに、そこにあったブラシと熊手でパントマイム。



I don't know the causes of my damaged hair are from dry air or hard water in Europe or something else but for repairing it, I bought a hair brush made by wild boars.

It is said that wild animal hairbrushes suppress static electricity of hair and make it glossy. The blind spot was dusts on hair can be well removed by the wild boar hairbrush but removing dusts from the hairbrush is not so easy.

Also it is not suitable for washing with water as it smells like wet beasts by getting wet..

Then, I finally found this small rake at a department store!

Apparently my gladness came through clearly at that moment. That is why a old man came and ask me what the super small rake for. I showed him my pantomime using a hairbrush and the rake instead of explaining in German.

The old man really admired the purpose of it with tapping his forehead. He might have bought it too..

Doing man's hair by boars' hair. Human beings are interesting.

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