from the beautiful planet






もしも自然の摂理か何かで、争っている土地が急にすうっと蒸発しちゃったら、ずっと争っている人同士が ’ああ、これは仕方がないですね。もうありませんから。’ なんて納得するかもしれない、いや、しないか、どうかな。




I watched 'Star wars' on New year's holiday. To be honest, I don't know the ending because I fall a sleep in the middle of the movie..

So reviewing aside, mysteries of the universe have much more to be discovered. We might find natural resources, planets to live on and something more in the future by the progress of technology.When the time comes, will humans start to fight over them the same as they do on the earth?

Also there might be new humans such as ET. If they had different appearances, cultures and religious, would new discrimination occur there again..?

Originally the earth does not belong to us but there have been a number of territories disputes since a long time ago.These are like an endless fighting as long as there are THE territories on the earth.

This is just my fantasy but If these teriritories were to evaporate one day by natural laws or something, would the fighting be stopped finally? No idea.

Few years ago when I was just standing alone in the middle of Mother Nature in Iceland, I felt the earth breathes strongly and the beauty left me speechless. The planet earth is so beautiful.

We don't know yet that someday we will find (or be found) something or someone in the universe but hope we will behave as residents from the beautiful planet.  

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